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     Trading is the basis of many business companies due to its simplicity and transparency. By defining three important guidelines, such as price, coordinates and time, you can easily make a good profit without having to have professional skills. We select the coordinates where the price suits us at the moment of time and move the goods to other coordinates where the price is higher at the moment — this is the process of trading profit.

     But as a product it is not necessary to be a material value, the goods can be the money itself, namely the rate of one currency relative to another. Thus, using the same guidelines again, we can similarly make a profit by purchasing in one place a certain currency and selling it in another place, taking into account the time range. This is called the arbitrage of the foreign exchange market, trading manipulations aimed at making a profit by speculating on currency quotes. Of course, such trade is no longer possible without a certain experience and skill, so this market, arbitrage currencies, less popular than trade material values. Similarly, there is the cryptocurrency market, which displaces conventional currencies with its innovation. Quotes for cryptocurrencies may vary depending on the exchanges on which they are traded and this can make a good profit.

     Our company REFRESH COMMS LIMITED (REFCO9 trade brand) is officially registered in the United Kingdom (UK number 10757592) on may 8, 2017 at 9 Heol Blandy, Bridgend, United Kingdom, CF31 5FN.We have developed a mathematical model with a certain algorithm that analyzes automatically the arbitrage market of currencies and cryptocurrencies sending our traders signals all of the same guidelines - price, coordinates, time. Intelligence includes not only the immediate transaction, but also the use of news fronts for possible time changes of quotations of currencies and cryptocurrencies. Traders make final decisions and make the trades themselves. Thus unloads the work of a trader in the search of quotations, but more focus on intelligence news fronts that gives a great return in profits.

     If the process of arbitration becomes increasingly clear, there remains only the question of the profits which can be obtained on this business. And here we draw a direct dependence of the profits from the volumes with which traders work. The higher the volume, the better the conditions for the purchase of the sale of currency markets give and of course lower fees are taken by banks. That is why our company decided not to dwell on its own volumes, but to open an investment program to attract additional funds, on the terms including all the force majeure circumstances of trade, which is not acceptable when taking additional financing from banks or official investment companies. We have chosen the sector of private investment from individuals on mutually beneficial terms, taking into account all of our terms and conditions

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